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The Springs Club

Dave Wilson   2024-01-05   PJOK

No one is really using this blog anyways, so I think I'm gonna use this site as my personal blog, lmao.

Life is fun, my dad recently bought a membership in The Springs Club.

Summarecon Agung - Wonderful World Wonderful Life | The Springs Club

Seems like a nice place. Well I MEAN I WENT THERE TODAY LMFAO

But yea, I went here and fun stuff bro, theres a whole ass swimming pool as well as basketball court, tennis court, badminton, as well as a gym !!!!! Goofy ahh story though, today Ivan, Mark and I went there to do gym and other stuff. Ivan told me that he had access to invite and get other people in the club, because only Ivan and I have memberships. Mine is normal so I can't have mark come in for free, but Ivan said he can.

And so he did, but he got caught sneaking in with Mark by the staff!!! OMG!!!! Like what the heck. At the end, Ivan and I paid The Springs Rp. 200.000 for a day pass. We promised Mark it should be free so we paid for him. We had fun. We went to gym, played badminton, soccer, as well as swim and try out the sauna (hot and cold pool kinda sus but its fine tbh).

I even bought Mark food lmfao

I hope I post more blog posts some other day when I have the motivation (or a good story :))

See you guys next time, have a good one! HAPPY NEW YER