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An Example of Narrative Text

Dave Wilson   2022-10-20   Bahasa Inggris, BK

Narrative text is a story with complication or problematic events and it tries to find the resolutions to solve the problems. An important part of narrative text is the narrative mode, the set of methods used to communicate the narrative through a process narration. Down here we have 1 example of narrative text.

The graceful girl

While traveling from my office to home on a public bus one evening, the bus stopped at a signal. As usual, I was sitting on the window seat to get some relief from the hot weather and looking outside when I saw a group of school-going kids requesting the lady conductor of the bus to let them in. It was an utter joy to watch them ask the lady as they were well equipped with every possible weapon from innocence to flattery. My eyes ceased upon the cutest girl in the group who was trying most actively to persuade the conductor. There were two distinct things about her, one was the cute little jumps that she was making, and the other was that she was barefoot. Yes, she was barefoot. In the middle of the city, on a hot day, standing on the concrete road. I was grieved that she wasn't wearing any footwear but still managed to wear such a bright smile. I thought if I am unable to bear this weather sitting inside the bus, how is she managing it out there? I wished to help her.

The next moment, it was like God said, "Ohh.. here you go, put your words into action". The conductor allowed those kids to enter the bus. They were fighting amongst each other, teasing each other but totally respectful towards other passengers and the conductor. Once again like every other sighting of a school-going gang of children, the wish of being a child again and re-living my school days blossomed in my heart. My immovable delusion was hit by the unstoppable chariot of reality when one of those kids said, "Uncle, shift madi" (asked me to make some space on the seat). Back to reality, it was time to ponder over the self-made promise of helping that little girl. Since I was afraid to talk to her in public as I may be looked down on as a pedophile, I decided to talk to her once the crowd gets lessened. As the bus approached my destination, I went to that girl and pointed towards her feet, and asked, “where are your sandals?”. The reply from the girl was something that startled me. She pointed towards another girl, who was sitting there with misfit sandals and said "since she didn't have sandals so I gave her mine". This was amazing! A kid who is barely 10 year old, so poor that they can't afford transportation to school or even a pair of sandals, but these kids knew the true value of sharing and friendship. I went there as a 'giver', as someone who was being kind but after this reply from her, I felt so small in front of that kid, she was the ultimate example of what this society needs to be. I asked her if it isn't a problem for her that she isn't wearing anything? She chuckled and said, “No, not at all.” Then I asked, If she wanted a new pair of sandals, she gave a hesitant smile and started looking down. I took out some money from my pocket, extended it to her and asked her to buy a new pair of sandals. She was shocked but politely declined the money with a no on her lips and a yes in her eyes. I insisted agaitasten and she took it. Then I asked her to promise me that she would use this money only to buy sandals and if she saves some money then spend it on food instead of giving it to her family. She said “Thank you” with a sweet smile and a little hug. She gave me way more than what I gave her. Absolutely made my day.

If the people who are bestowed with luxuries of life have the same kind of attitude towards the underprivileged ones, like this girl has for her friend, the world would be a much better place. I wish age doesn't snatch this grace from her.

Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness it has no taste.


        From that story, we can tell that the social function of it is to tell the readers that happiness should be shared to the people around you, especially to those who are in need. Next, we will look at the structure of the text. We will start at orientation. There were three characters in the story, who are:

The little girl: kind-hearted, cute, generous, persistent
Conductor: kind
Man in the bus : kind, sympathic

The setting of time was at the evening and the setting of place was in a public bus. 

        Now, we are going to get into the complication or as we can say, the problem. The complication was that the little girl gave her misfit sandals to another girl who was part of the kids gang, so she had no sandals to use on a hot day in the city. This problem resolves later in the story when the man gives the girl some money for the girl to use to buy sandals and food. The coda was at the last sentence.

And now for the language features, we have color coded them at the text above.

Past Tense : Red
Connectives : Green
Adjectives : Orange

We also have figurative language, which we will quote 2 sentences here, which are:

The next moment, it was like God said, "Ohh.. here you go, put your words into action".
My immovable delusion was hit by the unstoppable chariot of reality when one of those kids said, "Uncle, shift madi" (asked me to make some space on the seat). 

Selanjutnya kita akan merefleksikan cerita yang kita pilih. Yang kita akan refleksikan adalah jika kita mengalami masalah seperti cerita tersebut dan kita juga akan memberi opini tentang apa yang kita dapatkan dari cerita diatas.

Di cerita ini ada seorang konduktor yang bertemu dengan anak kecil yang tidak mampu. Anak kecil tersebut memberikan sandal miliknya kepada anak lain yang tidak memakai sendal. Melihat anak tersebut, konduktor tersebut terharu dan membelikan sendal baru  pada anak kecil tersebut.

Dave : Jika saya menjadi anak tersebut, saya akan memberikan sendal tersebut kepada anak lain yang lebih membutuhkan, karena saya bisa menahan kesakitan saya untuk teman saya. Setelah itu, saya akan mencari cara untuk mendapatkan uang untuk membeli sendal baru dan makanan. Dari cerita itu saya mengetahui bahwa kita harus membantu orang yang lebih membutuhkan daripada diri kita sendiri.

Fabian : Jika saya menjadi anak itu, saya akan memberikan sendal saya ke anak lain yang membutuhkannya. Jika saya menjadi orang yang ada di busnya saya akan membelikan sendal baru dan makanan untuk anak tersebut karena saya punya uang. Dari cerita ini kita dapat mempelajari bahwa kita harus berbuat baik kepada orang lain karena berbuat baik adalah hal yang harus dilakukan 

Vincent : Jika saya ada di posisi anak tersebut mungkin saya tidak akan memberikan sandal saya ke anak lain. Hal ini karena keadaan saya jika berada di anak tersebut tidak mempunyai banyak uang untuk membeli sandal baru. Sedangkan jika saya menjadi orang yang ada di bus tersebut saya kemungkinan besar saya juga akan membantu dan membeli sandal baru untuk anak tersebut. Saya akan membelikan sandal baru untuk anak tersebut karena saya mempunyai uang yang cukup. Hal yang kita dapat pelajari dari cerita ini adalah kita harus menjadi seseorang yang dermawan walaupun kita berada di titik terendah kita, karena Tuhan pasti akan memberikan yang lebih untuk kita.

Ethelind : jika saya menjadi anak tersebut saya juga akan melakukan Hal yang sama dengan anak tersebut